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Tired Of The Same Boring Gym Routine? Our Adult Martial Arts in Chandler Will Help You Revitalize Your Health & Wellness!

At Tat Wong Kung Fu, we want to help you be the best you can possibly be. That's why our Adult Martial Arts program uses the tenets of traditional Chinese Kung Fu to help instill positive personal growth, taking your goals into account, and to help you become mentally and physically healthier. We are Chandler’s best program for building your overall fitness, learning practical self-defense, and reducing your stress and anxiety.

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Our Adult Martial Arts Classes Offer A Comprehensive Health Program

Training in the martial arts offers a blend of mental, physical, and spiritual benefits. By beginning your journey with our Kung Fu classes, you'll have the opportunity to take on sustainable weight loss and increased muscle gain, plus reduced stress and anxiety. Our Adult Martial Arts program also teaches real-world self-defense skills and will help you enjoy boosted energy in everyday life and better sleep. What's not to love?

Join us in Chandler and get Adult Martial Arts that will:
  • Help you lose weight and build lasting fitness
  • Reduce your stress and anxiety levels, increasing your overall happiness
  • Teach you practical self-defense for any situation
  • Give you access to professional mentors and an amazing community

Our Adult Martial Arts classes use traditional Chinese Kung Fu training to help you be the best you can possibly be. You will learn how to use many Chinese martial arts weapons, including the shaolin staff forms, mui-fa staff forms, tiger tail sword, Kung Fu spear and more! By enrolling in your first class, you take the first step toward better health, improved fitness, and a happier lifestyle!

Chandler's Best Adult Kung Fu Martial Arts Is Here To Help You Succeed!

Stop by and consult with one of our instructors or give us a call -- we're happy to talk through your individual needs and advise you on how we can help you achieve your goals. For almost 40 years our instructors have helped thousands of students on two continents achieve their goals and now we are bringing that instructional quality to Chandler and Gilbert. Tat Wong Kung Fu is the top choice for Adult Martial Arts training and only choice for traditional Chinese Kung Fu.

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