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Tat Wong Kung Fu Reviews

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Maria Luisa Lemos

I hadn't trained Kung fu for 11 years and yet John, Claudia and the students of Tat Wong made ut so incredibly easy and warm to reconnect! I first learned Kung Fu when I was a child and had the opportunity to watch the work done with the kiddos there and it's incredibly wholesome,  dynamic, and encouraging! I also felt incredibly empowered to get back into martial arts and other ways to improve my self discipline and quality of life. Not to mention that Choy lay Fut is one of the most beautiful styles of Kung fu! And which is very rare to find in AZ! they gave me the best experience  and I hope the community gets to see the gem that this Academy is!

Taryn Christainson

I would recommend Tat Wong Kung to anyone and everyone! My son has been going here for 5 months ( he's 5 yrs old) and his growth has been outstanding! Sifu John is an amazing teacher who demonstrates patience, knowledge, understanding and who's passion for the art of Kung fu keeps my son engaged and excited each class! Of you're looking for a more personal Kung fu class, this is it!

Menq Juang

Sifu( Master) John is an amazingly calm individual and super patient with my boys aged (7&5) who have started on their Martial arts journey! You definitely see the change in their proficiency with the art as they put in more time in practice! Thank you, Sifu John

Guia M

my nephew who is five yrs old goes to this school and I watch his classes . There's a sitting area where you can watch. The instructor who is the owner is friendly and can captivate fidgety young children into well disciplined ones! I'm very impressed how my nephew and his classmates are so involved with their lessons!!

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Mark Carmon

I looked into a number of martial arts academys and spoke with a few instructors. Speaking with sifu John, I could feel his enthusiasm and warmth over the phone! He was incredibly welcoming and I just had to meet him in person. His knowledge and skill of kunf-fu is exceptional! I was impressed by his adherence to traditions and practices. On top of all this my son took an immediate liking to him and I was blown away by how well he was able to keep the kids so engaged throughout class being their young ages.

I strongly recommended this Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy to everybody! Sifu genuinely enjoys teaching the art he's set out to master with all willing to learn. He's great! So much so that I've decided to begin my journey training under him as well and it's been amazing every step of the way! His Academy might be new to the area, but he truly embodies all of Tat Wongs rich heritage and traditions!

Melisa Nervaiz

We have had an amazing experience with my son being here! The instructor is extremely good with the kids! My son is learning  to be confident in his abilities! He is also learning community with the other kids as well. We are absolutely thrilled we found this place when we did! No regrets!!

Sara Lim

Sifu John was a teacher at the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy in San Francisco prior to opening up  his school in Arizona. All the students in San Francisco loved sifu John!  He has such a commanding presence, and he is knowledgeable and caring!. John sets high standards for his students And really encourages and motivates them to be the best they can be!  We really miss sifu John in San Francisco, and he left a void when he moved to Arizona.  Sifus new students In Arizona are lucky to be training under him!

Ryan Lam

Nice teacher, good lesson , wonderful place to learn Kung Fu. They deserve 5 stars!!

Alexis Montoya

Best place to be taught the art of Kung fu!  John is a great teacher and is personable with each of his students. He knows how to make them the best they can be and how to push them to succeed!  They work well around your schedule. The facility is always very clean and is a great atmosphere to learn and have fun!


I've been really enjoying training here! Sifu John is very kind and knowledgeable!

Monique A Rawinsky

My son has been taking classes at the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy since February. My child loves coming here! He is very proud of the changes he can see in his physique since he's been taking classes! I love that John encourages him to do his best! Tat Wong is a special place where you know you're always welcome! Sifu John will welcome you with a smiling face and a welcome heart! You can tell He loves what he does and is very good at it!!


Thahn Tran

My daughter has been taking lessons for about 4 months now and she loves it!

John, her instructor, is gifted with a talent to teach children and keep them engage and excited about class-- you can tell he is very passionate about Kung Fu.

Immense respect to John for his patience and care to the children he teaches. This place is a gem that I wish more people would know about.


It has been only a month since my son 4 and a 1/2 years old at the time. I've been very impressed with the calm order of his teaching. It's like he can teach any level or age!  I'm also impressed with how clean The studio is As well as his accommodation with schedules. I hope to keep up with it and someday join the ranks and train there as well!

Ankita George

This is a wonderful place to learn a new life skill! Master John is very flexible with the hours, and helped me work my classes around my work schedule! He is very patient And modifies each exercise based on each student's level. I definitely recommend this Academy For anyone at any age!

Meng Juang

Sifu John is an amazingly calm individual and super patient with my boys (7&5) who have started on their martial arts journey. You definitely see the change in their proficiency with the art as they put in more time and practice.  Thank you, Sifu John

Jojy Ovelil

My son joined the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy in Chandler when the opened recently, and has enjoyed his twice-weekly sessions. He enjoys the pace, and the individual attention he receives. Master John Warner is a great teacher, and he spends a lot of time and effort in his engagement with students. Very patient, and thorough, in his approach, and my son always has great things to say about the class after each session! It has been a great experience so far. Thank you!

Megan kelly

Great for all levels of fitness for adults and kids. Gentle approach to get your body moving and work at your own pace. Definitely recommend this place and the owners are amazing! This program has been great for stress relief while having fun gettin!g in shape

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